Effective Communication

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Being an effective communicator takes real skill. Communication skills have to be developed, honed and added to on an on-going basis. They are the heart of interpersonal skills and the greater your awareness of how it all works, the more effective your communication will be. To be effective in business, you have to communicate well. This Effective Communication training course will help you master the human relation skills demanded in today's tough business environment.

Our Target Audience:

  • Managers, Leaders and Team Members
  • Supervisors and Team Leaders
  • Individuals who want to improve Conflict Management Skills

Participants Will Learn:


How to improve human relations skills.
How to strengthen interpersonal relationships.


How to manage stress and handle fast-changing workplace conditions.


Develop more effective communication skills and be better equipped to perform as a persuasive communicator, problem-solver and focused leader.


Develop a take-charge attitude to initiate with confidence and enthusiasm.

Training Outcomes at a Glance:


Ability to communicate in a multi-cultural environment.
Give and receive constructive feedback.


Become an active listener and observe others.
Increase self-awareness of you communicate and are perceived by others.


The ability to create an environment for productive work relationships through effective communication.


Demonstrate understanding of a the communication process.
Identify elements and principles of communication.

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