Leadership and Management: Essential Skills for Successful Leaders

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This highly engaging training program allows participants to improve performance by increasing effective leadership and management skills. The course provides numerous avenues to enhance qualities of good leadership in an ever changing business world.

The curriculum focuses on core business competencies and allows participants to fulfill their potential in areas such as team building, strategic planning problem solving, decision making, people management, delegation, motivation, communication,  customer centricity, change management and many more all from a systems thinking perspective thinking.  Our course is proven to work in the “real world” environment as it extends practical tools.

Our Target Audience:

  • New Managers and Leaders
  • Managers and Leaders (Junior, Middle  and Senior)
  • Supervisors and Team Leaders
  • Individuals aspiring to Lead and Manage Teams

Participants Will Learn:


Comparison between leadership and management competencies.
Develop effective set of leadership and management skills necessary to influence and manage others.


Learn basic leadership principles such as motivation, delegation communication, decision making etc.


Learn leadership theories and how to put them into practice through interactive presentations, case studies, evaluations and group discussions.


Make assessments about personal leadership style.

Training Outcomes at a Glance:


Understand the distinction between leadership and management and how to use both to your advantage situational within your organization.
Build Effective coaching techniques.


Enhanced ability to recognize leadership opportunities on the job and to apply newly acquired leadership skills, behaviors and actions.


Master Problem Analysis and Decision Making.
Strengthen Team Success and Enthusiasm.


At the completion of this program, each participant will have enhanced leadership skills and competencies and walk away with an individualized leadership plan with specific actions to increase leadership effectiveness to begin implementing immediately.

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