Problem Solving

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The ability to solve problems offers an organization a competitive advantage.  A team must be able to innovatively and creatively generate great ideas that are significant to impact the bottom line.  This highly interactive training session will provide participants with the skills to understand fundamentals of problem solving.  They will develop their critical and creative skills and learn how to utilize them when solving problems.

The course introduces an array of different problem solving and decision making tools and techniques. Participants will learn how to analyze problems, generate creative solutions, and decide which solution mostly closely matches their needs.

Our Target Audience:

  • Managers and Leaders
  • Supervisors and Team Leaders
  • Team Members/Staff
  • Individuals who want to improve Problem Solving Skills

Participants Will Learn:


How to apply a systematic process to solving problems and decide on relevant and effective solutions.
How to identify best option in solving problems.


Use relevant methods and techniques such as brainstorming, Imagineering, creative thinking and others.


How to use sound decision making tools such as Decision Matrix, Cost/Benefit Analysis.
How to identify and recognize innovation and creativity barriers.


How to identify the root cause of a problem by taking a systems thinking approach.

Training Outcomes at a Glance:


Define problem solving approaches to effectively manage and solve problems
Gain practical tools that are used to make better decisions such as score-boarding, flowcharts and other tools.


Use different critical thinking and information analysis tools such as reasoning, qualitative and quantitative analysis.


Create and manage teams that are effective problem solvers and sound decision makers.
Understand the need for disciplining thinking to discover good ideas.


Work through the process of problem solving and decision making by identifying the problem, generating and implementing a solution and confirming the elimination of the problem.

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