Resilience Training

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An evolving world economy, ever changing work environment, high expectations to constantly out-perform competition and others, social and personal life uncertainties are the stressors and pressures people face. If these pressures are not managed effectively, business, organizational performance and quality of life will be impacted negatively.  To manage and rise above these pressures, people need to develop their resilience skills.

This thought provoking and eye-opening training course improves how teams and individuals handle pressure and change. It will empower them to thrive despite challenging environments and setbacks.  Almenta International has carefully planned the course to comprise all essential tools, philosophy, and understanding to building resilience to improve moral, productivity and organizational performance in a sustainable way.

Our Target Audience:

  • Managers and Leaders
  • Supervisors and Team Leaders
  • Team Members/Staff
  • Individuals who want to improve Resilience Skills
  • Organizations going through Change

Participants Will Learn:


How to create personal boundaries and how to strengthen them.
How to improve problem solving skills an remain objective and calm under pressure.


How to be self-aware, socially aware and leverage of strong relationships.


How to appreciate opportunities created by change and uncertainties.


How to develop resilience skills and techniques to manage change and adversity.
How to respond positively to  pressures and demands of modern life.

Training Outcomes at a Glance:


Improved understanding of resilience.
Understand what resilience means in relation to business performance and sustainability.


Developing Greater resilience skills and competencies.
Enhanced sense of personal power.


Master techniques to identify and manage “stressors” by developing inward and outward resilience skills.
Use personal skills such as Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Management, Effective Communication, Listening skills, etc. to enhance teamwork and collaboration.


Identify and understand behavioral styles to improved understanding of customers and other team members.
A Personal Action Plan (S.M.A.R.T. Goals).

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