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Our Trainer the Trainer program is interactive and hands-on.  It empowers new and experienced trainers with training techniques.  The program is designed to benefit employees that are being asked to design and/ or deliver training in the workplace.  It demonstrates how trainers can conduct workshops in a more effective and interactive manner.

Participants will also learn how to master training and facilitation techniques as well as know-how of developing interactive course curriculum. Furthermore, participants will learn about learning needs of adults, planning and developing different types of training, delivery and assessing.

Our Target Audience:

  • Trainers (instructors) and Facilitators
  • Managers and Leaders who train staff
  • Individuals who want to improve or acquire  training or facilitating skills

Participants Will Learn:


Identify characteristics of an exceptional trainer.
Explain the difference between adult learning and children learning.
Explain what an effective training program looks like.


Facilitation techniques that include how to handle disruptive participants, using visual aids, presenting information in a clear, concise and engaging manner, checking for understanding, etc.


How to conduct assessment.
How to effectively open a training session.


Recognizing and maximizing engagement of different learning styles and adapt training as necessary.
Implementing different training delivery methods.
How to check for understanding.

Training Outcomes at a Glance:


Design a training course targeted for adult learners.
Analyze audiences and tailor material and program for delivery.
Develop tactics to handle surprise situation and difficult participants.


Plan the delivery of a course by ensuring that all key elements of effective training are present.
Create post course evaluation forms.


Video recording of participants in-class presentation that improve self-management and the management of others.
Understand the difference between training and presenting information.


Use recognized success measures to assess effective learning.
Define effective feedback.

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