Customer Management Consulting

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Improving Business Performance and Sustainability through Effective Customer Management

Taking the Outside-in Approach.

How you interact with your customer and the quality of goods and services you offer to them are key to the success of your business. True successful organizations treat customers as their main revenue generator. They acknowledge that without the customer, they would not be in business. Therefore, Customer Management should be at the heart of every company’s strategy. At Almenta International we assist organizations to design, develop and implement customer management strategies to achieve sustainable business performance. We assist our customer to acquire, retain and expand a loyal customer base, internally and externally, to drive revenues and profits.

Through our Customer Management Consultancy we help customers align their people, process and technology to ensure successful outcomes with their customers. We then assist to ensure that your customers are realizing the successful outcomes of the newly aligned processes. Our approach is to help our customers reach a single goal – to give their people the right information at the right time to make the right decision which leads to a happy customer – every time. Our Customer Management Consultancy services include:

  • Customer management strategy
  • Business process management
  • Change management and training
  • System selection processes
  • High level design
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