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Developing Teams for Productivity and Profitability.

Almenta International is a global training and consulting firm that assists organizations to effectively manage their customers through developed and high performing teams. There’s no question that the customer is at the center and remains a valuable asset. Yet it is essential to realize that the customer is not an “island”, a well-trained and capable team is imperative to manage the customer successfully.

Therefore, Almenta International has two main areas of focus are: The Customer AND The Team Member. Almenta International’s purpose is to make certain teams are well-trained and empowered to manage the most valuable asset – The Customer, in order to achieve business performance and sustainability. Through our knowledge and experience with innovative techniques, we deliver comprehensive packages of effective and customized solutions to our clients.

Whether you need customer service, leadership or a multi-session program we are here to assist you with all you soft skills training. Our carefully devised solutions help our clients outpace the competition and enhance their business performances.

Furthermore, our approach to establishing solutions takes a systems thinking perspective, i.e. taking a holistic approach in dealing with the scenarios, where each component of a process are seamlessly integrated and are treated as a whole, instead of individually and independently.

With the desire to keep up with the continuously evolving market trends, Almenta aims to offer its impeccable services to its customers globally, supported by tailored and practical solutions.
Mostly, we aspire to develop long-term and sustainable mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, partners and stakeholders.

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